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Behind the Scenes | Equine Black Background | Temecula, CA

Black Backgrounds are a popular way to capture the beauty of your horse and create stunning artwork for your home. But HOW exactly are these gorgeous images created? Does it require a studio, complicated lighting, and a stressful set up for your horse? Absolutely not!

The ideal set up is a covered area like a barn aisle, arena, or hay loft area. Preferably, we are able to close off one end of the barn aisle to create a dark background and place your horse on the opposite end where the light is softly coming in. But, that isn't always possible, especially here in Southern California where we don't have to rely on enclosed barns like you may find in colder parts of the country. So we work with what we've got and are still able to create MAGIC thanks to the powers of photoshop skills!

Check out the video towards the end to see me edit in super speed! And check out the other before and after images below!

Want to see your own horse as the star of the show? We can make that happen! Just send me a message and we'll get planning for your Black Background session! Have a group of friends at the barn who would love to all have Black Background images? Get a group of 4 or more horses together and enjoy a group discount!

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