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Business Owner Headshots | Vista Civic Center

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Todd came to me in need of an updated headshot. He is launching a marketing company as well as writing a book. His linked in profile photo was taken in a hallway by a former coworker. He knew it was time for an update and wanted the help of a professional. We talked together to determine what he want to convey through his photo. He is a kind approachable guy and wanted that to be shown in his images. He was not after a corporate style image so we chose an outdoor location with a variety of backdrops to use. He had many great options to choose from, but this image of him sitting on the bench ended up being his favorite.

Here is what Todd had to say about the experience:

"I reached out to Stephanie to help me with my LinkedIn profile.  My current photo was done with a coworkers phone in a poorly lit hallway.  I know how important putting the right foot forward is and I needed to invest in the perfect LinkedIn photo. Stephanie nailed it.  She did an incredible job.  The process was seamless from start to finish.  Take the guessing game out of your photo and get it done perfectly with Stephanie." 


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