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Guajomie Park Family Portraits | Oceanside Family Photos

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Meet the Carlsons! We had an evening portrait session at Guajomie Lake Park in perfect November weather.

The Carlson family did a fantastic job in their outfit planning! I always recommend that family coordinate NOT match.

What's the difference?

Matching: everyone in a white shirt and jeans.

Coordinating: cohesive outfits centered around a specific color palette.

While matching definitely is easier, having your family coordinate means there is more interest and variety in your images. Plus, everyone gets to show off their true personality! I don't know many families who walk around in matching outfits on a day to day basis. lol!

Before each session, I'll send you guidelines for choosing your families wardrobe and a checklist to make sure you are planned out well in advance. For those who feel like they need more help, I'm happy to give more specific guidance, even down to planning each persons outfits!

Doesn't Connor look like he belongs in a magazine?! This little guy was absolutely adorable, though he did give me a run for my money! He is a shy guy and was impervious to my usual kids tricks. Mom and Dad came prepared with a new toy to give him something to do while we took pictures. This little Christmas train saved the day and looked adorable in photos!

Check out the beautiful Christmas card design we created for them! Christmas cards were ready to send before November even ended!


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