Jen & Apollo | Horse and Rider Portraits | Poway, San Diego

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

These two are something special and this session is going to be one that stays with me forever. . Apollo and Jen were together for 15 years. When she bought him he was retiring from being a jousting horse for the Tournament of Kings in Las Vegas. They have tried pretty much every discipline under the sun together!

Jen contacted me for portraits before she headed back to Japan where her husband is stationed. Apollo was 28 years old and she wanted to ensure that she captured memories of them together, especially since she would be away for a long time once again. We had her session and were able to capture beautiful images despite Apollo's refusal to stand still.

Just four days after I had taken their photos, Jen let me know that she had to say a final goodbye to Apollo. Some preexisting conditions had worsened and she knew it was his time. The news was such a mix of heart break and relief. Heartbreak for her loss and relief that we had creating the most beautiful photos at just the right time. I am so grateful that Jen trusted me to capture a chapter of their story.

Below you'll see photos from their session along with photos of the artwork that Jen chose from her session. She loved the look of a Memory Box and the idea of being able to pull out and hold each image. The walnut box is lined with suede and also holds a USB with all of the images from her session. She chose to have the top engraved with his name and years of his life. Such a special way to commemorate his life and have keepsakes to treasure for years to come.

Woman forehead to forehead with horse.
Wooden photo box with horse and rider portraits inside.
Horse playfully nudging woman in the stomach and woman laughing.
Women rubbing horses face with tender look on her face.

Photo prints inside of a wooden print box.

Horse and rider portraits in Poway San Diego
Woman hugging horse cheek-to-cheek.
Woman kneeling on the ground scratching her horses nose.
Horse and rider photo display in an acrylic photo stand.
Horse and woman playing in an arena