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Horse Expo 2019 with The California Horsetrader

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

In November I had the opportunity to join Horsetrader Magazine at the 2019 Horse Expo. At the Expo Horsetrader launched a brand new branch of media services called Horsetrader Media. They're seeking to elevate brands marketing through storytelling videos. The whole weekend was full of compelling interviews from vendors. The goal was to reach the heart and voice of each business. Rather than just listing facts and selling points, sharing the why behind each product, service, or person. It was fascinating to hear how people got started, what continues to drive them, and their passion for the future of the equine industry. I served as production assistant and captured behind the scenes imagery to document the launch of this new arm of Horsetrader. It was a great weekend getting to know each interviewee along with the amazing staff of Horsetrader! Check out some of what happened throughout the weekend!

Dressage Olympian Steffen Peters shared of his start in riding with his very first horse and how he still loves to spend time just futzing around after his riding session today.

American Glory Handbags are handmade bags inspired by vintage feed bags. Each bag is designed and handmade from the printing to finish touches by the owner herself. She also has a line of farm scent candles!

This dynamic duo is from Silver Dollar Ranch in Valley Center. They compete in mounted shooting events and do classes and demonstrations. I sadly missed their demonstration at the Expo! Maybe next time!


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