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Just Checking In! (in the time of Corona Virus)

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

If you're inbox looks anything like mine, you've gotten a zillion emails from businesses detailing how they are handling COVID-19. I promise, this isn't another one of those! I have wanted to reach out and check in with all of you, but I just didn't know what to say! I finally realized, I just want to be REAL This is such an absolutely strange time! I've been spending lots of time with my daughter, working on unfinished projects around the house, and doing a lot more cooking than usual! Sessions have been rescheduled indefinitely and work has really been on the back burner. I had been gearing up for and really excited to participate in a couple big events in April: the Fallbrook Avocado Festival and the Del Mar National Horse Show. Its been discouraging to have to pull back from plans and still not know what things will look like moving forward. Some days I feel great and content despite our current circumstances, other days the isolation starts to get to me.  I pulled up these photos from our family trip to Mexico last summer and they've been bringing me joy all week! If we can't go anywhere, at least we can pretend! 

I hope your family is safe and healthy. I hope you are finding ways to bring joy to your daily life. And I hope you give yourself permission to grieve the disappointments and sadness that comes with this time as well. I really would love to hear from you or connect with you in some way. Send me an email or come connect over on instagram! (I sure am spending a lot more time on social media these days!)  Just know you are on my mind and I appreciate each and everyone of you. 


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