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Life Coach | Personal Branding Session | Oceanside

Meet DawnMarie! She is a Life Coach, mediator, speaker, and writer. She is currently working on her Ph.D on Performance Psychology alongside her coaching and speaking business. She came to me wanting dynamic images that showcase her personality. She had more traditional headshots taken in the past, but really loved the idea of Personal Branding images. At our Design Consultation, we walked through the process of articulating who she is and what she wants to communicate with others. She wants to "fully be ME" and help others in the process. I could tell from the moment that we met, that she has a contagious joy about her and is incredibly passionate about all that she does.

I love asking clients to describe themselves. Sometimes they have trouble with that, but DawnMarie did not hesitate one bit! She immediately began listing the following words: "Uncontainable, transparent, real, open, uncommon, what you see is what you get, caring, loving, loyal." In the time that we got to work together, I can confirm that she is all that and more!


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