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Makaila & Cortez | Temecula | Horse and Rider Session

Meet Makaila & Cortez! These two are both absolutely stunners. Cortez is a BIG ol' sweetheart and was so good throughout the session. Makaila is a 2020 graduate and wanted photos to celebrate her graduation along with her boy. We started with a black background session and then onto Horse and Rider portraits. She chose three different looks which gave us so much variety and so many favorites to choose from!

We brought Cortez over into the neighboring vineyards. He had never been over there so we were cautions as we went but he was such a good boy! We safely brought him between some of the rows and were able to create these STUNNING photos of them together.

I'm always mindful on horse's temperament throughout the session and know that they've definitely have a time limit. Cortez did great the whole time but we realized he was done for the day. We focused just on Makaila in the vineyard and then she switched things up with one last outfit change.


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