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Oceanside Couples Photos & Pregnancy Announcement | Oceanside Harbor

It was the perfect summer evening for a beautiful sunset session at the Oceanside Harbor beach! This session was with some good friends of ours and they had exciting news to share! As we were chatting prior to the session, David mentioned how when their kids grew up asked about family memories or stories, that THIS would be the first photos of this new chapter of their family with kids. I loved his long term perspective on how important these photos were and how it really is a chance to document family history in the making! What a privilege I have to capture such beautiful, meaningful milestones in the lives of others!

This session was also incredibly meaningful because David is in the military and will soon be deploying. His deployment has him gone for much of Rhaegyn's pregnancy so this was a special time for them to soak in all the new parent excitement before he leaves.

David has always loved Dinosaurs, and Rhaegyn loves Jurassic Park movies! These fun t-shirts were the perfect way to announce to friends and family in their photos! How fun!


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