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What in the World is Branding Photography?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Headshot images have long been a staple in the business world and most people are familiar with what they are. But Branding Photography is a relatively new genre and I find that most people I talk to have never actually heard the term! Today I want to share a bit about what exactly is Branding Photography and why its important for your business growth!

While headshots are a component of Branding Photography, branding photos go far behind just a close up. The purpose is to really share and communicate your overall brand. In today's world, customers have a vast number of service providers they can choose from for just about anything. If you hop on google, you'll have no trouble finding probably 10 other people who do what you do. But they are not YOU. You bring your own flavor and personality to your business in a way that is different than anyone else. That is part of what makes up your Brand identity. It goes far beyond just the colors or font you use. Its the way you want to be perceived and thought of by clients. The feeling you give people when you work with them. The "vibe" of your businesses.

Think of Chick Fil A vs McDonalds. Yes they have share a signature red color and both serve up fast food. But I bet what you think of and the feelings you have towards each are drastically different!

Branding Photography is designed to help communicate that FEELING through photos. Are you a bubbly and bright, professional and composed, or want people to come over for a cup of coffee and kick off their shoes? Do you have an "office dog" who is a regular face around your business? All of the words, imagery, colors, and design elements you use begin to paint the picture of your brand long before people ever become your clients.

Prior to a session, I work closely with clients to discover and identify what it is that they want people to think and feel. Then we translate that into photos through carefully crafted location, wardrobe, and props to be used in your images. The result is amazing images that truly tell your story and draw people in to what you uniquely have to offer.


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