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San Diego Artist | Branding Session | Hillcrest

Prepare for image overload! There are just SO so many beautiful images from this session! For this Personal Branding session, I met Lori at her creative workspace in Hillcrest. Its tucked away in a funky, artsy neighborhood and is the perfect place for inspiration to strike. Lori is at the owner and artist of Lori Addis Design where she offers a variety of creative services including graphic design, interior projects, and installation pieces. During our planning conversation prior to the session, she identified some words that represent her and that she wanted to come through in her images: creative, artistic, earthy spirituality, cinematic, visionary, modern clean feel. You'll be able to see for yourself, but I feel like we captured all of that and more!

We started setting up and photographing her at work on some of her latest watercolor pieces, then moved outside to take advantage of all the unique spots throughout the neighborhood. Enjoy!


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