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Stock Photos for your Business: Do or Don't?

Today I wanted to bring up stock photos and their use in business marketing! 

Let's dive in! Stock photos are photos that have already been created that business can license to use in different ways. They can be incredible helpful when creating content for your business because the hard work has already been done and they are easy to access.

Sounds nice enough, but I caution against rely solely on stock photos in your business. Why? Because people can spot the phony! While stock photos are readily available and professional, they are also pretty easy to spot. I can usually look at a business website and determine if the photos used are their actual employees or some generic photo used on hundreds of business websites. When I see them, it makes me wonder what I'm actually going to find if I were to hire of visit a business. 


Let's Play a Guessing Game! 

Which one is a stock photo, and which one is Adam, a real life local insurance agent? 

It wasn't hard to tell, right?! Yes the bottom photo is professional, nice looking guys. But you knew right away that they were just a stock photo I pulled from a free website!


Stock photos have their place, and I'm not saying you should NEVER use them. But use them sparingly and only when you really need to!

Branding Photography sessions are designed to create you very own "stock photo" library! No one else in the world will have these photos. They will be of you, your team, and your space! They'll feel genuine and authentic because THEY ARE! You and your team are amazing at what you do! Let people know how wonderful you are by actually showing up in your marketing and digital presence! 

Click here to learn more about Branding Sessions!


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